Turner Allen

I am a Developer from Irvine, California.

I can help you build your next product.

I am well-versed in Object-Oriented programming
I develop games, computer applications, and websites.
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Recent Projects

Birby Skies


Description: A casual game published to the Google Play Store

Role: Solo Developer

3D Action RPG


Description: 3D Action RPG in a 64 square kilometer world.

Role: Programmer and Composer

Features: Combat, Horse Riding, Equipment and Inventory, Fishing, Farming, Factions, AI NPCs with Daily Routines and Combat Capabilities



Description: The Award-Winning Game developed in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam.

Role: Programmer and Composer

Notes: Click Here for Sebastian's page on the Global Game Jam site

Crimson Tactics


Description: A strategy, turn based game developed in 72 hours.

Roles: Solo Programmer

Notes: A game made for the Ludum Dare game jam.

Tech Tycoon


Description: PC Repair Tycoon/Business management game based on past positions I held

Role: Solo Devloper

Notes: Work In Progress

Stock Trader


Description: A website that that allows users to practice stock trading.

Roles: Full-Stack Developer

Notes: A Project made for the HarvardX certification course

Google Mashup


Description: This is a website that uses the Google Maps API and Google News to create a Local News finder.

Role: Full-Stack Developer

Notes: A Project made for the HarvardX certification course

Chess Player


Description: A no longer running website that featured an AI chess player to play against.

Role: Full-Stack Developer

Notes: Written in Python and Javascript and utilized the minimax algorithm.